Humble Mobile Bundle 2

Humble Mobile Bundle 2

The folks at Humble Bundle have been running the Humble Mobile Bundle 2 for the last couple of days.

The bundle at the moment contains six games – four that you can pick up at any price you want, and two of which are unlocked if you beat the average purchase amount, which is currently $4.51.

The bundle features two games which are making their debut – Time Surfer, an endless runner with a time-rewind mechanism, and Star Command, an isometric sim that sets you in command of a spaceship and its crew.

Also included are Punch Quest, a ridiculous arcade-style fighting game in which you (you guessed it) punch things, and Bloons TD 5, a tower defence game that sets you in charge of a troop of monkeys defending against a force of invading… Balloons.

The classic hit Carmageddon makes an appearance as a beat-the-average game – now you can make everyone around you feel uncomfortable during your morning commute, especially those old ladies.

Ravensword: Shadowlands, a game that I initially mistook for Skyrim, wraps up the bundle, and attempts to meet all your pretty-RPG needs while you are on the move.

The Humble Mobile Bundle 2 is set to run for the next 9 days.

Note: The soundtracks of most of the games also come along with the bundle.


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