More Games Added to the Humble Mobile Bundle 2

New Humble Mobile Bundle 2 Games



Three more games have been added to the Humble Mobile Bundle 2‘s beat-the-average roster:

QWOP – The mobile version of the original ragdoll-based hit once again puts you in control of an unfortunate athlete’s individual leg movements in an attempt to stumble across the finish line.

Karateka Classic – A port of the 1984 beat ’em up, which also comes along with The Making of Karateka – a PDF eBook about the process Jordan Mechner (best known for creating Prince of Persia) followed in the creation of the original game. 

God of Blades – the physics-based, sword-swinging, side-scroller.

Go check them out if you’re interested, the current average purchase to beat is $4.54. If you’ve already picked up the bundle for a value about whatever the average was at the time, the games will be added to your existing bundle.


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