Thoughts on My Evolution With Pokémon

As a way of continuing my post from here, I leave you with this… If you’d like to hear about what happened between me and Pokémon after I played the original.


Technically, you needed more than four batteries… Without a back-lit screen, you needed a torch as well to play under the sheets at night.

Since those first hours stuck in the Rock Tunnel without Flash, I’ve started many, many new games, and my faithful transparent, battery-guzzling, black and white Game Boy Classic stood by me like a champ. Eventually, the world moved on, Crystal came out, and I was unable to play new Pokémon games. My Game Boy had been a present from some reasonably wealthy relatives, and the very thought of getting a new handheld was beyond me.

Years passed, the internet happened, and I discovered game ROMs.

Let’s just say, I’ve seen a bit of what some of the newer generations have to offer, and though it was entertaining, I felt like something wasn’t really working for me.The second generation of Gold/Silver/Crystal are still, to me, the best that the series had to offer, and more importantly, were the playthroughs that I cared about the most. With the new games, I complained that they were churning out dozens of new Pokémon which I felt like I couldn’t connect with.

It wasn’t until I stumbled across a comment/image/article (I don’t even remember what it was, let alone where I saw it) that challenged long-time fans to stop whining, and instead, approach the newer games with the same wide-eyed naivety that they did with the originals. Instead of looking up every game’s Pokedex before-hand and then going on about how everything looked like cheap knock-offs, or how features looked tacky and unnecessary, I decided to give them a shot and see where it got me.

I’m not going to say that my love for the second generation has been overshadowed, because no matter how great a new Pokémon game is, the time and place that I played those in will always be special to me. I will say though that I had interesting and worthwhile experiences, and I’ve now learnt better than to sit on the sidelines and complain without really getting in there.

After all, Pokémon is all about the heart.


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