Expect Game Launches, Demos And Time With The Xbox One At Bangalore Comic Con

Bangalore Comic Con kicks off in less than a week, and this year there’s a lot to look forward to! Apart from the wealth of stalls, panels and competitions, we’ll also be seeing tech previews, indie game launches and demos.

Urban Vikings will be launching their latest game, Life Cycle. Bangalore-based digiKhel will also be there with their games to play and purchase.

Wacom will be showing off the Cintiq Companion, and perhaps biggest of all, ​Microsoft will​ be conducting the Xbox One’s first audience experience in the country in the run-up to its official launch on the 23rd of September.

Each Grand Prize winner of the cosplay contest will be receiving an Xbox One, so if you want to get your hands on one then you’d better get to work on your costume!

Bangalore Comic Con runs from September 12th-14th at the White Orchid Convention Center in Hebbal, Bangalore.

Update: We clarified that the launch was of Urban Vikings’ life cycle by Custom Technologies.


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