Dragon Age: Origins Free on… Origin

Dragon-Age-OriginsIn the run-up to Dragon Age: Inquisition, EA is giving Dragon Age: Origins away for free till the 14th of October. It’s a great game – even if it wasn’t free we’d have recommend that you try it – so don’t miss out! Whether you’ve played other role-playing games or you’re new to the genre, if you like fantasy then this is a good place to start.

Though the game boasts a huge amount of action with all sorts of weaponry, magic and abilities at your disposal, don’t let the screenshots fool you – the best part of the game is the way it lets you tell your own story. You could choose to be a cruel noble fighting a bloody war to reclaim the honour of her family, or a caring elf who was raised in poverty and oppression – the world around you changes based on the person you decide to be and the choices you make. As with other great Bioware games, you will meet, travel with, and fight against all sorts of interesting people and creatures. You get to approach it as you like – let it be your dose of adventure and lore, treat it as a dating simulator or use it to channel your inner sadist.

If you like the game then you can choose to take your character on into the expansion of the game, Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening, take the world that you have changed forever – for better or worse – into Dragon Age II, and when Inquisition comes out you can base the world that you start off in on your exploits in the first two games.

To pick it up all you need to do is go over here, make an Origin account and click on the big orange Get It Now button. As long as you do it while the offer lasts, the game will be permanently linked to your account.

EDIT: We’ve just noticed that PC Gamer has a handy list of useful (and not so useful) mods. Head on over if you don’t mind putting in that extra bit of effort to making your game experience even more enjoyable. We’d strongly recommend the Lock Bash and Dragon Age Redesigned mods. The Equal Love mod looks pretty great as well – wish we’d known about it during our playthroughs! 


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