Get Ready For BYOG Jam 2014

BYOGIt’s October, and that means that it’s time for the BYOG (Build Your Own Game) Jam! The game jam encourages everyone to participate, irrespective of whether you’re part of the video game industry, you’ve made a game before, or where you come from. Detailed guidelines and rules haven’t been announced yet, so check back soon, but from what we saw last year, you’ll have a huge amount of freedom in the kind of game you can submit – be it detailed and complicated, or a simple text-based adventure, they want to see what you can come up with.

The sprint starts on October 17th and runs for 48 hours over the weekend. Voting for the themes has already begun on their website, and the final themes will be announced when the event begins. As the submission of entries takes place online, people can participate from pretty much anywhere – last year I uploaded my terrible little game over my phone’s 2G connection while on a train!

The best entries will be showcased at the NASSCOM Game Developer Conference in Pune next month and will also receive prizes. It you do manage to make the cut, it will also be a great opportunity to interact with other game developers and get feedback on your game. We at The Game Scrawl will also be keeping a close eye on the submissions, so even if you don’t think you’ll be one of the winners you still might be featured here!

You can take a look at the BYOG website hereThis post will be updated with more details as they are released. Check back soon!


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